SWABS - sterile

Manufactured in germ-free, class 100.000 sterile production areas and then plain swaps are resterilized by E.O. and swaps with medium are resterilized by gamma irradiation. Swab tube made from polypropylene with 5 ml deep gel column guarantees maximum protection and significantly improves sample viability. Tube has a unique “venturi hour” design which prevents disintegration or breakdown of gel column during specimen transport. Once the swab is inserted undesirable bubbles and breaks in gel automatically squeeze out and eliminates air pockects which are harmfull to some bacterias. Unique “venturi hour” tube design centralizes the swab and optimizes the moisture control. Tubes conveniently fit regular test tube racks for safe transport and easy storage. 133 mm long swab shafts guarantee access to difficult sampling locations without contaminating the swab handle or the user. Soft swab tips are inert and non-toxic to micro-organisms and patients. Double action cap slides over the neck of swab tube and tightly grips the inside and outside of the tube. Individually single packed with lot number, production date and expiry date printed on the sticker. The label seals the swab tube including the cap of the swab acting like a tamper evident system. Tube seal maintains product integrity and ensures first time use.

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