WellRED Primers

Sigma is licensed by Beckman Coulter, Inc., to supply WellRED dye-labeled oligos designed for use with the CEQ/GeXP Genetic Analysis Systems and may be used for direct hybridization or in PCR amplification. WellRED dye-labeled oligos are DNA oligonucleotides labeled with WellRED dyes, D2, D3 or D4, at the 5'end.


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WellRED Specifications
WellRED 1
Benefits of WellRED Dye Chemistry

WellRED oligos use cyanine-based fluorescent dyes with high extinction coefficients that absorb in the near-infrared region, thereby reducing background noise from biological materials, resulting in highly sensitive detection.

The CEQ/GeXP Genetic Analysis Systems enable DNA samples to be kept in linear form during analysis. The CEQ/GeXP Genetic Analysis Systems' online denaturation process prevents any reformation of secondary structures, especially during a long run without any manual steps.

WellRED dye chemistry and pre-heating enable the CEQ/GeXP Genetic Analysis Systems to resolve complex structures, where other systems fail. 


Yields and Estimated Number of Assays
WellRED 2

*Estimate 1 OD = 5 nmols = 30 µg, for a 20 base oligo

Spectral Properties of WellRED Dyes
WellRED 3

CEQ/GeXP is a trademark of Beckman Coulter, Inc.


WellRED 4





Source: www.sigmaaldrich.com

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