Offers ideal conditions for ashing, heat treatment, preheating, melting and quality control. Integrated heater design and efficient insulation provides homogenous heat distribution and enable rapid heating up. Heating elements are protected by quartz tubes for higher life span. Chamber and door interior plated with refractory bricks of highest quality. Maximized insulation to ensure minimum energy consumption. Excellent insulation also eliminates heat transfer and gurantees risk free “safe touch” during and after run cycle. Heating parameters and other functions can be automatically controlled and observed by membrane keypad with digital LCD panel. Ergonomic and reliable PID control unit is conveniently placed above the body for better reach and inspection. Integrated PID control unit offers a user friendly menu and interface with 4-line wide screen display. Featured with evacuation chimney powered by a fan. Safety features such as sound warning in case of errors and step transitions and automatic cut off system in case of overheat.

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