BURETTE - digital - motor driven

The most advanced digital burette featured with motor controlled piston movement. Conforms ISO 8655 standard. Guarantees reliablemeasuring resultswith bubble-free dispensing and consistent delivery with self calibration function. Offers an operating volume range from 0,01 ml to 99,99 ml with 0,01 ml resolution with a maximum piston lift of 10 ml. High qualitymotor activates the piston ensuring excellent precision and accuracy. Back drawn valve for recirculating the liquid into the bottle without any loss of reagent. User friendly TFT control touchscreen guides the user for a quick and accurate titration. System also avoids manual disturbance and human errors. 16 stage dispensing speeds allow the user to achieve titration end point precisely. Dispensing can be performed by a touch at the screen and stops immediately when the touch is removed. BSG, PTFE, FEP are used in the liquid path provides excellent chemical resistance to most common laboratory reagents. Outer surface is made of ABS. Visible glass barrel allows inspection of the liquid before and during dispensing. Precision valve ensures easy priming andminimumwastewith no back leakage into the reservoir bottle. Discharge tube can be turned to any desired position since the body can rotate 360° round the axis. Featured with a built in ergonomic and compact ultra flat magnetic stirrer for easier and faster titration and also more stable and consisting results. Magnetic stirrer has a motor free design and featured with 5 programmable speeds.

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