MICROPIPETTES - adjustable volume - non-autoclavable

9 models cover volume range from 0,25 µl to 10 ml and combines all the requirements of a modern pipette. Each pipette is individually calibrated according to ISO 8655 and certified. Serial number is printed on each pipette. Ultralight and with balanced body offers greatest comfort for extended pipetting periods. Contoured and ergonomic body shape that fits perfectly to all hand sizes. Featured with a universal cone for standard pipette tips. Guarantees fast and easy volume setting with single hand. Volume display is always fully visible. Thumb friendly soft spring pipetting system reduces plunger pressure and guarantees the whole procedure more comfortable and less energetic. Ergonomic finger hook offers comfortable handling and to take the weight for a more relaxed grip. Tip ejector with large pad reduces thumb pressure workload and guarantees easy tip ejection. Supplied with an individual calibration certificate and a calibration tool for convenient and fast user recalibration.

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