PIPETTE PUMP - electrical

Can be used with all kinds of pipettes from 0,1 ml to 100 ml volume range. Ergonomic, light weight and well-balanced body offers full comfort and fatigue-free pipetting for extended hours. Powerful yet quiet pump can fill a 25 ml pipette under 4 seconds. Pump speed can be adjusted to 8 different levels for precise control of the speed. LCD display visually shows the selected speed. Also offers gravimetric drain. Easily changeable lithium-ion batteries provide 8 hours continuous use. LCD display provides visual confirmation of remaining battery power. The high-tech charger prevents over charging and provides long life cycle. Approximately 2-3 hours is required for full charge. Silicone adapter in the intake cone holds firmly the pipettes in position. Replaceable hydrophobic 0,45µm PTFE filter secures cross contamination. Supplied with a wall mounting stand and a dual-position stand.

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