SCHILLING BURETTES - class AS - conformity certified

Manufactured from pre-vacuum calibrated borosilicate 3.3 tubing according to ISO 385 standard. Calibrated according to DIN/ISO Class “AS” standard. Featured with a (“DE-M”) conformity mark according to German federal weights and measures regulations. Individual calibration carried out by automatic robots eliminate possible deviations from nominal values. Conformity mark and batch number printed on the body surface. Batch certificate can be downloaded from website. Supplied with a PTFE “needle” valve stopcocks which does not require greasing at all. Clear Schilling burettes are featured with a schellbach stripe for easier and accurate observation of the meniscus line. Inscriptions and nominal values on clear burettes are printed with blue enamel. Inscriptions and nominal values on amber burettes are printed with white enamel.

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